High performance agricultural stretch wrap

The 5 star wrapping film for silage bales

  • 5 layer technology

    Polybale is produced using specially selected high quality raw materials such as Dowlex C8. These superior ingredients are directed to the film layer where they are most needed to ensure the production of an advanced stretch film with superior performance characteristics.

  • 100% reliable 5 layer blown co-extrusion production process

    Our zero tolerance approach to quality ensures the production of a silage stretch film that delivers highly efficient bale wrapping of both round and square bales all day long.

  • Automatic thickness control

    Thanks to continuous electronic monitoring of the film thickness throughout manufacture, Polybale has a uniform appearance at all stages of the wrapping process. These non-stop checks ensure the production of a consistently reliable film that provides trouble-free wrapping 24 hours a day.

  • SP Certificate Polybale