Agribale keypoints for successful wrapping

Store Agribale in original protective sleeve. Store reels on their sides in a dry place out of direct sunlight. The ideal storage temperature is 20 –30OC. Keep reels in sleeves and condition at ambient temperature prior to use

Take care when opening and handling reels in order not to damage them. In particular reel edges should be protected. Cover reels left on the wrapper to keep out moisture. Reels must be used within one year of purchase.

Reels should only be removed from protective packaging immediately prior to use. Open sleeve using the tear strip provided. The arrow on the reel end indicates the direction of wrapping.

The baled material must always be evenly distributed over the width of the baler pick up. Bales should be dense and cylindrical in shape. The more compact the bale, the better the forage preservation will be.

The Agribale reel must be placed centrally in the Intake unit so that the centre of the reel aligns with the middle of the bale.

The balewrap being applied over Agribale must have at least a 50% overlap. Check carefully that each layer overlaps at least half the previous layer. 750mm films should overlap by at least 31cm.

As Agribale is 100% polythene it can be recycled together with the silage stretchfilm after use. There is no need to separate and segregate these films when removed from the bale thereby saving time and labour.