Polybale keypoints for successful wrapping


Rule of thumb for good results

  • We recommend that bales contain 35% - 55% dry matter (DM) content.
  • Compress the bales in such a way that they form a tight symmetrical shape.
  • It is important to regularly service and maintain the bale wrapper especially the pre-stretch unit.
  • The height of the pre-stretch unit must be adjusted in such a way that the centre points of the reel and the bale are aligned horizontally.
  • The film should be wrapped around the bale at 70% pre-stretch.
  • Apply film using the 2+2 system for a 4 layer application (the minimum recommended). For bales where DM exceeds 50% or for square bales use the 2+2+2 system for a 6 layer application. Film should be applied with a minimum 50% overlap. Wrapping with 6 layers of film leads to the greatest returns with the benefits outweighing any additional cost.
  • The film must be stored in its original packaging, in a dry place and out of direct sunlight.
  • Film reels should be handled carefully in order to avoid damaging them.
  • The film must not come into contact with chemicals (such as fertilizers, herbicides, mineral oils, etc.).
  • We strongly recommend wrapping bales within two hours of baling.
  • Handle wrapped bales with care and store carefully as soon as possible.
  • Store bales to a maximum height of 3 rows.
  • Bales should be stored on a well drained, flat place, away from trees and hedges and at least 10 metres from any water source.
  • Protect the bales from animals and vermin (such as rats, birds, etc.).
  • Bales must be used within 12 months of wrapping and should not be stored for any longer.