The 5 star wrapping film for silage bales


Contractors and farmers choosing Polybale are selecting the following advantages:

  • 5 star performance = less downtime

    Polybale’s high strength stretch and tear resistance helps to ensure 100% efficient wrapping of both round and square bales across a variety of crops (silage, haylage, alfalfa, lucerne) on all types of bale wrappers time after time.

  • High puncture and tear resistance

    Although modern machinery is designed to handle bales with care, many stretch films currently available in the marketplace can be prone to puncturing. Aware of the demands made upon stretch film, we have specifically formulated Polybale to provide outstanding puncture and tear resistance.

  • Improved oxygen barrier = improved silage quality

    Polybale’s 5 layer construction ensures the production of a higher density stretch film that minimises gas permeability across the total surface of the film. This in turn optimizes the silage fermentation process.

  • A bespoke blend of tack additives = day and night wrapping

    Polybale's bespoke tack characteristics provide instant adherence between film layers whilst delivering a secondary tack that produces a superb bond during bale storage. Despite its excellent sealing characteristics Polybale leaves no tack deposits on machinery rollers. It also helps to eliminate long tails by ensuring that cut ends adhere quickly to the bale. Suitable for use 24 hours a day in both hot and cold climates Polybale provides excellent protection and prevents water ingress during the long winter storage period.

  • Trouble-free storage

    Polybale is manufactured in a range of UV formats to withstand the differing European climatic conditions. It is guaranteed for 12 months protection from the sun’s rays after wrapping all over Europe.