PolybalePro, the new generation of bale wrap

PolybalePro is an innovative silage stretchfilm that incorporates Pro technology This new generation of balewrap unites 5 layer technology with the latest pre-orientated film innovation.




Reduced cost More bales Less waste


PolybalePro offers significant benefits: more bales per reel, greater time efficiencies and reduced environmental impact.

PolybalePro offers more film per reel with no compromise on performance:

=> fewer reel changes = increased output

PolybalePro provides enhanced protection for wrapped bales by combining the film’s natural strength with recently developed pre-orientated technology:

=> increased oxygen barrier

Bales wrapped with PolybalePro use less stretch film.

=> reduced plastic consumption


PolybalePro reduces your costs, raises your productivity and limits your impact on the environment.